Lush Bloggers Event – Sheffield 28/09/2013

I had the privilege of being invited to the first Lush Sheffield bloggers event recently. I’m only just getting to write about it now, because I’ve been mega mega busy with real life things, and I wanted to be able to sit and give it my full attention rather than cobble something together quickly…

So, Having had a rather stressful week, I was quite looking forwards to a Friday afternoon with an early finish – time to go home and have a bit of me time before heading to the event and then on to a work party.
Plans are only great if they work out though!
Instead, my me time turned into “talk with the police and generally try and sort out issues going on, followed by a dash to the bus… ”
Said bus was then stuck in traffic, making me late – something I *hate*.

However, I got there at quarter to seven, was let in, and promptly offered a glass of schloer and given the outline of the evening. Three stations, all with different things happening, a chance to talk to the staff, have a look at the products as well as the other bloggers in attendance.

I began by chatting with the lovely lady who is the face behind the twitter feed, which was really nice to be able to put a face to the name, and then I wandered on to the first of the three stations, which was watching ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ being made in front of us.

This was an interesting process to watch as we were talked through the different stages of it being made. For those who don’t yet Lush, ‘Angels..’ is a cleanser. using ground almonds, kaolin (a type of clay),, glycerin and lavender and is based on a medieval cleansing recipe. The cleanser itself comes in a pot and when added to water becomes a paste that very gently cleanses without being largely abrasive. It perhaps doesn’t smell too appealing in paste form, but it a lot better when you have it on. We were each given a pot of the freshly made ‘Angels’ which was rather cool!

From there we all switched around some, and after a look at some of the new stuff that’s come into the store recently, I found myself at the Emotional Brilliance station, which for our evening was manned by a professional make up artist. She explained the premise behind the products – basically, each colour is associated with a word, and you can look at the wheel here>> for the different colours, and the aim of this was to pick the first three colours which stand out to you after spinning the wheel, which indicates in order words which describe, your strength, your subconscious and your aspiration.

There was also the opportunity to get made up properly – I opted to have my eyes done. I’m not really very adventurous when it comes to make up – I usually find something that suits and stick to it, but for a change thought that someone else could have a go! I was also curious to see how this new range went onto the skin, as I had previously looked at Lush’s make-up when it had originally been launched under the ‘B Never too busy to be Beautiful’ range, and at that time, I wasn’t so impressed. It had been quite heavy, and didn’t really last despite the heaviness. I will admit that I was very pleasantly surprised with the new ‘Emotional Brilliance’ range though. It was light, which for me is kind of essential, and lasted very well- through to the following evening! (Before you all shout at me – I went out after, and got pretty drunk, so my bed was all I was thinking about when I got home that night, and then had to rush out the next day, so didn’t get to do anything else until the Saturday evening)
Hoping to get hold of a picture of my finished eyes as they looked very different! blending pink and green – something I would never have thought to do!!

The final station – which I went to was the massage station, where we got to chat about the different massage bars that are about at Lush now, before having a hand and arm massage with a chosen bar.
I’ve been an advocate for ‘Wiccy Wiccy Magic Muscles’ for years now – cinnamon and peppermint oils and jujuba beans make for a really good rub down after a days hiking, or just for stress relief – so I decided to try something different, opting to try ‘Each Peach’, which is actually quite a citrusy smelling massage bar, and very uplifting. It wasn’t too oily, as some bars can be, and the expert hands working away at my arm soon had my muscles melting. I did purchase and Each Peach off the back of this, for a way to treat myself from time to time.

Through the night we were also entertained with live music from two gentlemen playing a wide range of songs on guitar and double bass, adding to the jovial atmosphere that all too soon came to an end.

The staff had one last surprise for us though, in the form of goody bags. A wide selection of samples and products across the whole range, which I’m sure everyone attending was thrilled with. The evening all in all, was a great success I think, and I’m already looking forwards to the next one, if Lush will have me back… 😉