Taking Back Control

sara red

I know I haven’t really posted a picture of myself up to now… so here’s the rectification of that- a quick selfie at the bus stop on the way to work, which is really manic of late, which is why I haven’t posted that much, and I’m sorry!

Tutoring is also really busy, so I’m finding myself horribly time-limited at the moment – enough for me to break things!

I’m not a complete control freak but I don’t like feeling completely out of my depth. I also dislike being so frustrated and angry that I need to take it out on something…so I let the masochist in me out to play and take it out on my hair. knowing full well just how much the application would sting I went and did it anyway. I reestablished control, if only for a short time. I know it’s a temporary solution, but it provides a little breathing space until the inevitable happens….

I’m fairly pleased with the result if I’m honest. Being a natural blonde/ginger cross over anyway, red suits me.

In this picture the T-Shirt is Asda’s George, Leather jacket is from Evans, The sunglasses are Karrimor Active, and the Necklace was a birthday present and is Marks and Spencer with Swarovski Elements (I haven’t a link, as I didn’t want to google a gift, but you know how it works)