ForYou Skincare: M4 Moisturiser Review: Two weeks with Before and After pictures

ForYou(TM) Skincare is a new company who will be officially launching on the 12th of January 2015.

I recently received a sample of their M4 Anti Ageing Moisturiser* to try out and provide feedback on as they get closer to their launch- which I was more than happy to do, as I’m still in my never ending search for products that cause me issues, or worse, are fine and then cause a huge breakout or flare up!

On the one hand I’ve been really fortunate with my skin – I’ve never suffered from acne on my face particularly, yes I got the odd breakout (and still do occasionally), but on the other hand, I do suffer from sensitive skin, and react quite viciously even to a change in water sometimes! For that reason I tend to stick to more natural products when I do use them, as due to this, I very rarely used them when I was younger (and yes I know that makes me sound old!) but I have noticed that since I hit my thirties, I have made more of a conscious effort when it comes to my skin, and so the long hunt for decent products began.


ForYou Skincare: M4 Anti Ageing Moisturiser


One of the first things that attracted me to ForYou is their ingredients listings. No Parabens or nasty chemicals, and not tested on animals. As you’ll see from the picture above, of the product I received, the active ingredients listing is one of the shortest I’ve come across containing Argan Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamins C and E.

So, I started out by taking a picture of myself sans any makeup (I know, I’m sorry!) before I started using the moisturiser, and have used it for two weeks and taken another picture as well as noted my observations throughout that time. Two weeks for me is long enough to know whether I will have an adverse reaction to a product, and also means that I’ve had enough time to actually make up my mind! Sometimes I don’t understand people who can give an opinion of something especially skin care after one or two uses (notwithstanding a reaction obviously) but anyway… I digress.


ForYou Skincare: M4 Moisturiser

Me before beginning using my sample pot.


My first thoughts were how impressed I was with the consistency – not too thick, and not too runny. It thinned out as it was spread across my face, and this gives one major advantage – you don’t need to use much. The picture of the pot is after two weeks use and you can see I have dented it, but I’m barely a third of the way through. Some days I’d not quite used enough, but that was fine as I could always add a little more – and on the days I give extra care, I used it three times in the day, rather than in the morning and at night.  The second thing I noticed was after a couple of days my skin was starting to feel smoother in general, and I don’t mean 5 minutes after I’ve applied the cream and am just ensuring it’s soaked in. I’m talking random times in the day, I would actually notice.

About 6 days in I did get a bit of a breakout, which did make me panic, as I was loving this cream, and really didn’t want it to be down to this, however it soon proved to be unrelated, and I could breathe easy. So I did have a day where I didn’t use it, but over the two weeks, I have felt my skin become more supple and smoothed out – make up has gone on easier as well, and it’s felt a lot more hydrated than it normally would this time of year, thanks to central heating and cold wind, so there are some definite positives and I’ll be honest I’ve yet to find any negatives. The closest I could come, has already been addressed in feedback and fixed – and that is the issue of scent.

ForYou are offering the choice of unscented or scented products across their range on launch. The sample I received was unscented, and there is a difference between unscented and no-smell. The smell isn’t unpleasant by any means, but does remind me a little of salt dough which I’m not a huge fan of in terms of smell. So you have the option of a scented product (in this case Mandarin) as well. This is great for people who tend to react to scent, as they can get a cream that will really suit sensitive skin and not worry about the perfume setting things off. But it also has options for those used to scented product.

So, I shall present you with the after picture. I know these pictures aren’t great in themselves, and might not display a noticeable difference in my skin but the important thing is that it FEELS better for using the M4 Moisturiser, which is ace. But, if you see a difference, let me know!


ForYou Skincare: M4 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

After using the product for two weeks


In addition to 4 specialised moisturisers, ForYou are also opening their range with Cleansers, Exfoliators and Toners, so there’s something for every stage of a normal skincare routine, and there’s also access on the website to a questionnaire to work out what the best combination of products is for your skin type, so you don’t need to sit and try an compare which is best for you. It takes about a minute to click through, and rather than spend a lot of money, you can order everything in a travel size  so you can see if it’s right for your skin, which is a really nice touch – I for one hate having to buy full sized things only for them to be rendered useless when I react to them!

Personally I’m really looking forwards to trying out other things from ForYou. I tend to have issues with toners, so will be interested in particular how that works, but all I can say is give it a go and see if it works… ForYou.

Would you be willing to give this a go? Or are you too attached to attached to your current moisturiser to switch it up? If so, what are you using and why wouldn’t you change? Let me know…

Sara 🙂

*sample received in return for feedback and review.


Photo Calendars by Snapfish and a new camera!

Well, I finally have my new camera and can say that I am now the proud owner of a Fujifilm Finepix S1, thanks to a lightning deal on Amazon and some birthday pennies… so soon I will be back to going out and taking pictures, and everything else I did with it before my old one was stolen! Expect a review of it to come up soon, as there are a few new things to explore with it!

However, that doesn’t mean I’m neglecting my old photos, oh no!! Snapfish were kind enough to get in touch with me to invite me to review their photo calendars in the run up to Christmas, basically by sending me a voucher** and telling me to go crazy! Who am I to turn that down? Nothing ventured and all that!! So, I hopped on over to their site and had a look – there are several different ones to choose from, from poster style, through to desk calendars and wall calendars, so I made a mix and match and ordered several, and began to work through the design process.

This in itself can be as simple or as involved as you want to make it – for the more traditional ‘page a month’ calendars, you choose the style you want, which will dictate the backgrounds and text etc, and then you can choose for the site to automatically assign your pictures to a month, or you can work through month by month if you want a more curated display. You’re also able to add special dates to give it that even more personalised touch. If I’d been using photos of people/family then I would have been tempted to go with the easy option, but I’d got some specific photos I wanted on specific months, so went with the more involved option. It’s also possible to change the layout of the monthly page – which did take a bit of working out how to do, but once I’d worked it out was pretty simple.  I opted from these to make a two wall calendars, and a desk calendar, and I was really pleased with how they came out. Enough space to put on dates and days for the recipients, and also really liked the finish on them. I’m confident that they won’t smudge, despite having a slightly glossed finish (but more satin than high gloss) The photos came out fine; I deliberately chose a mix of high definition images and normal, and was given a warning when the images might have been distorted for being too low resolution, making it pretty foolproof!

IMG_20141115_103520  IMG_20141203_155622_hdr_edit



I also opted for a poster calendar, which was really really simple – I uploaded my images for the project, and it automatically will arrange them into a collage – if you don’t like it, then click refresh and it’ll do it again. I clicked this a fair few times, and was a little disappointed that the algorithms meant that I had a lot of clicks before two images I didn’t want together ended up far enough apart for me to be happy with, so my advice here is definitely to just keep clicking and it will eventually happen. Try changing the order they’re added into the project as well, as that seemed to help for me.


Once all of this was done, all I had to do was wait for my items to arrive, and they arrived quickly! I was expecting something else that day, (which didn’t turn up) but instead was cheered up by these, as they all looked great! The paper quality is really good, and as I mentioned before has a lovely finish on it. The exception was the poster collage calendar, which had a high gloss finish on it, which whilst it does look great, won’t make writing on it that easy, so if you don’t write on your calendar, that’s fine, but if you’re like me, it might drive you a bit nuts, but nothing a post it note won’t solve (and if you’re being really thrifty, you can always cut the dates off at the end of the year, and you have a photo collage poster left!)

Having experienced the process, I’d definitely consider these as presents for birthdays/Christmas (you don’t have to go from January to December with them) as they come out lovely, and even if they aren’t home made in the traditional sense, they’ve had thought and love put into them. I’ve used Snapfish in the past for other prints, and always had good service from them, and a whole bunch of sometimes very generous offers, so you can often get what you’re looking for at really reasonable prices – so go and check them out, and if you make a calendar, I’d love to see it!



**voucher received from Snapfish in return for a post about their photo calendars, however all content and viewpoints remain my own.