Information !!

I ┬ájust wanted to give you a quick heads up that this blog will most likely disappear for a couple of days in the very near future whilst it’s undergoing an overhaul (try saying that 5 times quickly!) but will be back, and the first post on there, after saying I’m back, will be reporting on the Bloggers Funday that’s happening TOMORROW!

I’ve not been that active on anything the last week or so, due to a cold, and life happening but I am very much looking forwards to this, and have been for a while! I’d hoped to get everything sorted in time for it this week, but I’ll be pleased to say that all the prep work is complete now….


Still alive!!

Hi everyone,

I’m not going to apologise for not posting anything – see my earlier posts for why, but I did want to let you know that I haven’t yet fallen off the face of the earth, just still having a downwards dip and I’ve gone back to work and all kinds of fun stuff, and thanks to some pesky white stuff, I still haven’t gotten home, so things are slightly delayed. Rehab for my leg is going about as well as it can be expected to I guess, but I’ll know more when I’ve been to see the consultant.

BUT I can share with you that I will be moving to my own domain pretty soon with a shiny new design! So while I’ve been quiet, I haven’t been neglecting everything!!

I’m currently testing it and finding out what works well, and what doesn’t and even have a logo that’s very slowly taking shape!

I’m hoping to have it all done in time for the Sheffield Blogger meet on 21st February, which I am very much looking forwards to. No promises though, as I really need to be back on my big PC for that!