Sigils of Elohim

Having finally gotten the Steam Platform working happily on my Asus Transformer running Windows 8 (it had a few teething problems as Steam seems to occasionally decide it’s a tablet not a netbook (which to be fair it is both… ) I went onto the steam website to see what was new and if there was anything interesting coming up as well as checking out the Free To Play section for a friend I’d just downloaded and introduced to Steam, and came across Sigils of Elohim by Croteam.


sigils 2

The store page over there says that “Sigils of Elohim is a free mini-game prelude to Croteam’s upcoming first-person puzzler The Talos Principle that challenges players to solve dozens of formidable sigil puzzles under the watchful eye of Elohim. Subjects are tasked with deciphering a series of puzzle sets by rotating and placing the sigil shapes within the board in an effort to unlock helpful items and relics within The Talos Principle.”

Now Croteam, for those who don’t know, are the indie developers behind the Serious Sam games, which frankly, are not serious at all (go youtube it, and you’ll soon see what I mean. Or, mention it to a gamer and wait for the “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRHHHHHH” to be screamed back at you- *then* youtube it…

Not exactly the guys you’d think would be behind a random puzzler, so immediately my interest was piqued.  The game itself, is impressively stylised, with a soundtrack fitting to be a great background accompaniment but not intrusive at all to the ear. Immediately you’re taken straight into the game, and it’s straightforwards enough – fit the blocks into the shape. However, it’s not easy. Just as you think you’re on a roll, and doing well, you find one that you simply can’t see a way to finish, or, as I kept coming up against, I had the right shape left, but flipped over, which meant having to backtrack a lot!. You’re on a timer, which you can’t always see, until you’re towards the end of a puzzle, but I didn’t find there were any penalties (except my own imagined ones) for taking a longer time to solve a puzzle than not.




At the end of each set of puzzles, is a QR code and a code to type in for a reward in the game this is promoting: The Talos Principle. At the time of writing, the release date is set as “Fall 2014” so soon, and there is no confirmation of price, something that the team were happy to confirm to me on their Facebook page, however I’d be more than happy to put a few pounds to play this, as the puzzles in Sigils of Elohim is listed as just one type in the “philosophical first person puzzler” and it’s a game I’ll certainly be keeping a close eye out for as it comes closer to release date.

As a stand alone game though it’s great to keep brain power in check, if a little short, (which I’d expect from a mini game) – it took me around 90-100 minutes to complete in two sittings, but I got super engrossed.

If you have Steam, then you can get it from the store, and it’s also been released on the App Store and Google Play, so you’ve no excuse!


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