Biting the Bullet

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging and writing front for a couple of months, with no real explanation, for which I can only apologise – I’ve had real life stuff to take care of – like moving into my own place after three months or so in limbo, so my life seems to have been consumed by work and boxes of late!

So – now that I have furniture and stuff all set up and am getting established there, I have taken the plunge and actually gone to the gym, after signing up a couple of months ago. What follows is part review and part thoughts on the experience…

As I’d said before – I signed up with Pure Gym¬†as the offer was a good one – location wise is close enough to work for me to go, and also handily on a bus route home (and round the corner from a good friend’s so if I’m REALLY dead, I can go flounce there for a bit afterwards… ;-)) I’d had a look through on the website a few times, and had a look at the classes as well as the other information on there – the site is well laid out, easy to navigate, and not full of jargon. My only complaint here is needing my PIN number, which is 8 digits to log in… meaning that I’ve had to go and search my email every time I want to log in, which is a little annoying, but it does make sense.

So last week, I logged in, and booked in a gym induction. I expected this to be a case of being shown around and shown how to use the machines. From my experiences of gyms in the past, the latter was often really complex, and for someone who lacks confidence, feels out of her comfort zone, and is generally quite shy, this was actually the killer, because I ended up not being able to use any of the machines that weren’t really straight forwards.

Times have changed however! I arrived there nice and early on a Saturday morning for the induction, had a look in through the windows to see that it was busy, but not heaving, which was good, and then made my way in. Entry and exit uses the PIN number again, which I was aware of so prepared with it on some paper, and I’ve just about learnt it now, so wasn’t an issue there. After getting through the little entry pods, which reminded me of a decontamination chamber somewhat, I found myself in a lobby with no real clue where I should go from there. I wandered around for a bit and eventually found someone, and introduced myself, and after a short wait, was taken round on my own, where the lady pointed out all the useful helpful info, and was generally, very approachable, didn’t assume or patronise, and listened to the answers when asking a question. She then gave me an introduction to the equipment and the machines and how they worked, which has gotten a lot more simple than when I was last in a gym! Colour coding means if it’s yellow, I can adjust it, and red is a guide line.

I left feeling fairly confident I’d be able to deal with being in there, and finding my way around, not at all daunted by the prospect, and knowing that I’d feel OK asking for help if I needed it. Took several guides home to read as well, which had useful information, and am actually quite looking forwards to going for my first proper workout!